Thursday, June 9, 2011

A teacher

We are looking for a teacher. Know any soon to graduate college students with a teaching degree? Know a teacher who is looking for something different? Someone who would be willing to move to Uganda for a year and teach my two older kids. Ideally they would have to raise their own support (which is probably in the ballpark of 6 -9,000 $). I realize that's not much time so we would be willing to help if needed.

What we are looking for:

- a single, male or female, with a degree in high school education

- someone that is willing to move to Uganda for a year, starting this September.

- preferably a christian

- someone who likes kids (yes, there are teachers who don't actually like kids)

More details can be given when contacted.

So if you know anyone have them contact me for more information. Please ask around, keep your ears open, ask at your church...

We also have applications in at a boarding school in Kenya, but still not convinced that is where they are suppose to go/be.

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