Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Facebook reminder

so today on my Facebook wall popped up a memory from 2011... Me starting this blog. So I go to my blog, that I have totally forgotten about, and the last post I made was 2014. Two years ago?! Where to start after being silent for two years. So much has happened since then, it would be an endless game of catch-up. So do I start with now? Which would inevitably have to bring up things from the last two years...but I guess at least then there would be something to write about.

In less than a week Trevor is coming back here for the summer...a bit early, as his scheduled flight wasn't until May. That is a story in itself. So we are preparing for him to arrive...cleaning his room, making sure he has some drawers ( we put some of Declan's warm weather clothes in the drawers that Trevor use to occupy.) both Trevor and Kenna left in August of 2015 to head to America for college. Again...that is another story.

The question here is...can I commit to writing here weekly? Monthly? I would like to,say I can...but then life gets in the way. To go back and read my last post makes me sad, as we loved Thorin and Kodi.. (We have since lost another dog to yet another poison).

For today....this is all. So much to catch up on. For now...at least I remember I have a blog. 😊