Tuesday, February 7, 2012


The temperature here has been in the upper 90's for a few weeks now. With that said, how in the world did I manage to get a cold/flu? I think it had something to do with Jon being out of country for a week, our manager at the Keep being gone during that same week and the lack of sleep. By the time the manager came back last Monday, I was wiped out. Having to be up every morning, which I already do, to get the kids up and ready for school, open the Keep, be at the Keep as cashier and the million other things I had to take care of, checking on the kids, making sure homework was finished, making sure the training center was running and then closing the Keep.... not to mention the inability of me to sleep... whew.. I guess I know now why I am sick.

I need to be thankful, even though it sounds like I am complaining. I hardly ever get sick and I haven't had malaria.

A quick post... but not much else to say. :-)