Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 23

It has been a little bit of a crazy week. I am feeling the affects of it. I can't stop yawning.

Friday is our live concert night at the Keep. So we are always there for the sound and to make sure things run smoothly. This past Friday we had "The Boyz". It was packed. Everything was great. We got home at 10:45 pm.

Saturday was no different. Karaoke night at the Keep has been getting more and more popular. Again, we were packed. Since I run the computer with the song list, I am there until 10pm. Which was a good thing.. 10 is much earlier than 10:45. Except that I got home and realized Jon had the house keys and he was still closing up and then heading out to find some local food (both for him and the guard.) So what should have been an early bed night wasn't.

Sunday. I was on the schedule to teach Sunday School. I managed to make the kids laugh. So I count that as a success. Hopefully they learned something also.

Father's Day. Or June 19th day. Jon didn't want to celebrate so we celebrated June 19th instead. Now we aren't normally open at the Keep on Sunday. We want to be able to relax. Give the staff the option of attending church. A day of rest. This Sunday we opened for dinner. For one party. They had come in to ask us on Friday if we would be willing to open for them. Some of the our staff agreed to come in, so we said yes.

So, I head back up to the Keep at 4 pm, to start cleaning up from karaoke the night before. Turn the drink coolers on. Coffee machine on. Kitchen staff organized.

At 6:30, the team of 40 come. We were ready. They had nicely let us know that they would be ordering, at least, 24 pizzas and 12 burgers. We had all that ready to go when they arrived. It was crazy. So do I include the part where I am being petty (and I know I am?).

So, they asked Jon to say something to the group before they prayed. Jon nicely came and asked me if I wanted to stand up there with him. I, of course, said no. I am not a large crowd person. I like being behind the scenes. Jon goes up in front, talks about me, the kids, and saying welcome. All fine and good. I remain in the kitchen to make sure things are getting out in a timely manner. When the kitchen was done, I go and find something else to help with. The team was buying a lot of bags, jewelry and headbands, so I go and help with that. While doing that I hear the head of the team talking about what was going on the next day for the team. He then mentions that the Keep is not usually open on Sundays, so could they all give a round of applause to "johnny" for opening. (Here is where I am being petty. My flesh won.)

A round of applause for JOHNNY? Um... ok.... thanks. I didn't do anything. Who came in at 4 to clean. Who scheduled the staff. Who made sure the purchasing was done so there was enough. Who does the ordering for the bags, the jewelry, the headbands.

It's my own fault really. I didn't want to be in front. I didn't want to be out smuuzing with the people. (yes, smuuzing is a Jen word.) So why should it bother me? It shouldn't. I don't do this for people. I do it for God. God has lead me down this path. God's hand has been in this from the beginning. To God be the glory.... not to me. Yes, people hopefully benefit. Relax. Enjoy.

Now it is Thursday. I am tired. Like I said, I can't stop yawning. Even typing yawning... is making me yawn. Maybe if I wasn't as tired, my flesh, my feelings wouldn't have been bruised, but that happens. I just remind myself. I am doing this for God's glory. God, not man's praise.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A teacher

We are looking for a teacher. Know any soon to graduate college students with a teaching degree? Know a teacher who is looking for something different? Someone who would be willing to move to Uganda for a year and teach my two older kids. Ideally they would have to raise their own support (which is probably in the ballpark of 6 -9,000 $). I realize that's not much time so we would be willing to help if needed.

What we are looking for:

- a single, male or female, with a degree in high school education

- someone that is willing to move to Uganda for a year, starting this September.

- preferably a christian

- someone who likes kids (yes, there are teachers who don't actually like kids)

More details can be given when contacted.

So if you know anyone have them contact me for more information. Please ask around, keep your ears open, ask at your church...

We also have applications in at a boarding school in Kenya, but still not convinced that is where they are suppose to go/be.

Monday, June 6, 2011

A foul mood

So, I'll be honest. For the past few days I have been in a foul mood. Not sure when it started, and unfortunately I am still in it. I know we all have moments/times in our lives that we are just angry, sad, depressed and it can manifest itself in... well, a foul mood. Seeing as how I am not sure what caused my mood, I am at a loss as to how it get out of it. I've tried reading my bible. Doing my study on fruit of the spirit (strangely a foul mood is not a fruit). Prayed. And yet, my mood doesn't seem to have changed.

So, as I sit here I ask myself... has my mood not changed because I like it? Or is there something that I need to address with God. Is there a wound I am not acknowledging? Am I fighting what I know God is calling me to do, and that fight in me is causing my mood? Probably YES to all of them. Well, not all of them. No, I don't like being in this mood. Yes, there probably is something I need to address with God. Yes, there is a wound I am not wanting to acknowledge. And YES, I am fighting God and what I know He is asking me to do.

Ever have one of those situations where your mind says you are suppose to do something one way, but your heart just won't let you? Pain. Your heart knows the pain that's involved. Stubbornness. You just don't want to do it. I find myself with those two excuses.

I wish I could say that I have moved to the place of surrender. That I am willingly doing what it is that God wants in this situation. Sadly, that is not where I am right now. I just don't think that I have gotten to the place where I am willing to die to self in this situation. Until I am.... hello, foul mood.