Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gifts from the US

Trevor and Declan's birthday's were in August and September. With the planned trip of my Dad and step-mom in September, all grandparents, uncle and aunt decided to get presents that could be hand delivered. With the sudden emergency with my brother, that trip was canceled. The gifts however, were re-routed to a hotel that Jon would be staying at.

Gifts are always a welcome thing here. Lego's are crazy expensive. The little sets that cost like $5 in the US are close to $50 here. Declan also decided he wanted army men..... lots of army men. Trevor wanted video games. And somehow, I failed to take pictures of Makenna opening whatever she got. (bad mommy).

Anyhow... promised the grandparents that I would post some pictures of the blessed event of the gift opening. And one of the finished lego sets..