Monday, June 18, 2012

Eight is enough

Jon was in the US last week. I was responsible for the care of eight children for a week. Having eight children was... well... more crowded. The kids were all really good, it wasn't like I was constantly breaking up fights or anything... but more mouths to feed, more homework to check, more reminding of showers, teeth brushing, etc. BUT.... I never once heard the, "I'm bored" phrase. Everyone had someone to hang out with, to play with, to dance with.

Remember the t.v. show, "Eight is Enough"? I'm giving away my age by saying I use to watch it all the time. Dick Van Patten was the father... and a bunch of other stars I am failing to remember. There was always some sort of chaos or issue, but it was a good show to watch. Or the Waltons? I don't remember how many kids they had, but I remember them all saying good night to each other... in my house it was, "good night Kenna, good night Janae, good night Shallom, good night Trevor, good night Josh, good night John, good night Declan, good night Josiah. Just saying good night that many times is tiring. :-)

I started the above post more than three days ago. Where was I going with it? No idea. I did decide that I am glad God didn't call me to have eight children full time. I don't have the patience. I truly have a new respect for those whom God has called to have eight or more children. It isn't an easy task, even if all the children are angels.

So, that's it for this post. Maybe I'll have something more enlightening later... or tomorrow.

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