Thursday, May 10, 2012

Part 2- Monkey

That afternoon when I was home in the living room, I noticed that our guard was outside throwing something up into the tree. I looked out the window and see that he is trying to chase a monkey. We don't have monkey's all that often, but when our trees start producing mango's they manage to come.

So this monkey was up in the tree. I took some pictures from the living room, but then realized that if I went upstairs to our bedroom the monkey would be closer. So I run upstairs to try and get some closer shots. I was right. The monkey was almost at eye level from our window. After taking a few shots, he decides he is camera shy and jumps away onto our roof.

The next thing I hear is some crunching out our front window. I say to Jon, who had walked into the room, that the monkey must be out front. So in all my wisdom I head to the front windows. I can't see anything, so I decide to open our screen window so I can stick my head out to get a better look. Sure enough there is the monkey about 20ft. away in a tree munching on some "bean pods". I lean out to get some better shots. The monkey just looking at me while chewing. After a few more shots, the monkey must have gotten curious at this strange site (me hanging out the window). He starts to move down the branch. I see that he is moving so I decide I better get myself back into the safety of our room. In the time it took me to think that and to start to close the screen.... the monkey was there. I didn't even have it locked before he was right there on the other side of the screen from me.

I screamed. I'm not a screamer, but I screamed. I don't even know what I screamed but Jon came. I guess I thought he would be helpful and help me close the screen, but instead he stands there watching me, chuckling. Here I am thinking that the monkey is going to claw his way through the screen..... I could be attacked.... and Jon is laughing. (I am not thinking it is all that funny at this point.)

I get the screen locked. The monkey is still sitting right there on the other side of the screen. I have never been as close to a monkey.

We call the kids up to come and see. We discover that there are actually two monkeys, not one.

One of them jumps onto the papyrus roof and pulls the palm branch down, uses the branch as a ladder, and scales up the tree.

(the pictures on my computer finally decided to show up, so TODAY I was able to post this.)

Enjoy the pictures. They make for a good story.

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