Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm Back!

I just returned from our trip to good ol' America... well, this last Thursday. I am still feeling the effects of jet-lag. Today I had set my alarm for church. When it went off... I turned it off and went right back to sleep until 10:53. I never sleep that late. I am hoping that I have caught up on my sleep now and will be back in the swing of things tomorrow.

Being back in the US was good. Interesting but good. I got to see family and friends I haven't seen in over two years. Did I mention it has been two years since I have been in Maryland? It was great to spend time with my mom, my dad and step-mom, my brother and uncle. Not having family around is really hard at times. My uncle and brother took the boys to their first major league baseball game. Although, Trevor nearly got arrested when a police officer inside the stadium saw he had a pocket knife looped on his pants. (How he got it past security in the first place, I don't know.... and since Trevor is use to wearing it all the time in Uganda.. thought nothing of it being on his pants.) My uncle had to take the knife outside the stadium.. hid it under some stuff to retrieve later. Makes for a good story.

Jon and I were able to meet Makenna in Branson, Missouri to go to the Titanic Museum. After Makenna missed her flight on Friday, proceeded to scare my mom half to death (well, actually closer to death than half) because after two hours of looking in the airport for her, she was convinced that someone had kidnapped her. Only a minor mis-communication, as we had told the Airtran employee we had talked to to tell Kenna to go back out by departures where her grandmother had dropped her off, but instead he told Kenna to go to arrivals. So Kenna was sitting out in the low 40's waiting for grandmom... while grandmom was inside the airport frantically searching and paging and calling the police. Kenna finally made it to Branson. We all went to the museum and wandered around Branson, before heading back to MD for the flight home.

The kids got to go to the mall... malls... several times. They were able to eat at Dunkin Donuts, Hoffmans, Carraba's, Twin Kiss, McDonald's, Lotte, Subway, Frank's, Auntie Ann's, Burger King (think that is it). Sounds like all they did was eat. But they had made a list of things they wanted to do/eat while in the US. I think we accomplished most of them. I can't say I missed all the processed foods that are so prevalent in the US. Of course, if I had actually cooked while I was there it wouldn't have been an issue. I am glad the kids were able to OVER-indulge, even if it was only for three weeks.

We were able to go to a park the kids loved to go to. Took some pictures there. Gosh, they have all grown so much. Grandpa and Nana came down for a week and were a tremendous blessing helping me go through our storage things. They also took us to the Maryland Science Center. That was a lot of fun.. and we learned some stuff at the same time.

Anyhow... our time there was good. We are back home in Uganda now. I was looking forward to the warmer weather here, but it is now rainy season and the weather is "cold". (as I write this I am in long pants and sweatshirt... and my feet are freezing).

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