Monday, April 23, 2012


Trevor and Makenna attended their friend, Ethan's, high school graduation formal banquet this past Sunday. Since this was the kids first formal, (and possibly their only formal) I decided that while we were in America I would go and find them some nice things. I wanted it to be something special. Sure there is the local market where we could have gone for some formal wear. It is, however, hot in market, dresses are hand-me-downs (with no changing room or area). I opted for the more convenient way of buying... and the somehow, more special way.... taking Makenna to the mall. Of course, I didn't realize, or didn't think it would turn into hours on three separate occasions. It was an adventure in patience, perseverance and enjoyment. In each dress that Makenna tried on, she was absolutely beautiful. My baby girl.... all dressed up. It was a sad time also....where had my baby gone.

After trying on what seemed like a million and one dresses, Kenna finally decided on one. She looked stunning in it. She also decided that she wanted to accessorize too. So we head to the accessory store. She finds long black gloves (very elegant and classy), some hair twisty thingys that sparkle.

After much debate about the types of shoes that should be worn with a formal dress, we come to a compromise on dress flats. So we head to yet another store to look for shoes. Luckily we find some at the first store.

As I write this, Trevor is sitting over my shoulder commenting on everything I am writing. He would like you all to know that he had to trail behind us the whole time. :-)

Now Trevor was easier to buy for.... sort of. Trying to buy him pants that fit has become a challenge. I measure his waist, find pants or shorts that have that measurement, bring them home, only for him to tell me they are to tight or too loose. So I only buy pants when he is present, which in Uganda is NEVER. At least while we were in America he liked going to the mall, so I could grab him and drag him into a store to look for the things he would need to be semi-formal. I decide against buying a whole suit, as he would never wear it again in Uganda with the heat. So we look for a nice pair of dress pants, a shirt and tie. It was pretty painless... after finding the right size, which only took two tries, we are done. Finding a tie was just as easy. He finds one within minutes. I think this was because he really didn't want to be shopping for the stuff, so he figured that the quicker he picked something, the quicker he could be done.

Sunday comes. Kenna wants her hair fixed a certain way. No pressure on me. She is pretty particular on how her hair has to be, and since I only have an hour to fix it without it being "puffy" or "sticky-outy".... I am sweating slightly.When Kenna walks down our steps with her hair fixed, her dress on, her gloves and shoes, and necklace...... looking totally glamorous... it is all worth it.Trevor has Jon teach him or show him how to tie a tie. The pictures say it all. :-)

Look at my grown up children... they are no longer children, but a young lady and a young man. (insert tears here). I am honored and blessed to have the opportunity to raise these two. I hope I am not screwing them up too badly, and that despite my failings that they will become individuals who love God above all and are people of integrity.Enjoy the pictures!!
-Makenna and Trevor
-Makenna, Trevor and Sarah
-Kiira and Makenna
- all the girls/ladies
- all the boys/gentlemen
- the whole group. Ethan is in the middle
- Ethan and Makenna

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