Friday, October 7, 2011

Declan rides!!

For Declan's 7th birthday he asked for a bike, so we purchased one with training wheels. While he used it at our first house, the second house just didn't have a driveway conducive to riding. Just recently he brought the bike back out and started to use it again.

When I was out the other day watching him trying to ride it, I realized the back tire was totally flat, the handlebars moved and the chain kept on falling off. 30,000/= later, it is like a new bike.

Declan got home from school today, and I told him his bike was fixed, he was ecstatic.

He headed out to try and balance himself on the bike. (Oh, forgot to mention that we had taken the training wheels off in the process of getting it fixed.) I watched him from inside. He went a few feet balancing, with only a few touch downs with his feet. So I headed out to watch him and realized he was basically riding the bike like a pro. I told him to head farther up by the gate..... and WOW!!! He learned how to ride in like 10 minutes all by himself.

It is a little sad... my last baby knows how to ride a bike on his own... and neither myself or Daddy had to run along behind him.

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