Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A family shot

As you all know, we are trying to find a teacher to come and "guide" Makenna and Trevor through their first year of high school. I had found this website through Rift Valley Academy that said they might assign teachers. I emailed that organization to explain that we were not missionaries in the traditional sense, but explained what we were here doing. They emailed back and said sure, send in an application.

One of the requirements was to send in a recent family photo. I discovered that we didn't have any decent ones in over two years, actually the last one was before we moved to come here. I tried for a week to round everyone up to take a picture. Finally, a friend here said that she would take our picture while at church. That was a great idea. After all, it is the one day Makenna isn't wearing her gloves and is wearing a skirt and the boys tend to dress in at least clean clothes.

The following picture is one of five. I can't believe how big Makenna and Trevor are.. of course I know they are as tall as me and soon will be taller than me. Makenna is getting taller and more strikingly gorgeous everyday. She is a big help with things around the house, helping with Declan and a huge help in running and maintaining the KEEP with me. She is more disciplined in her time with God than I was at her age. She is turning into a beautiful woman, young lady of God.. inside and out.

Trevor. I can't believe how much he has grown in just the last six months. He went from a size 8 shorts to a size 14 in like a month. He has sprouted up like a weed and continues to grow. I know I will be sad when he is looking down on me. He is already smarter than me. The way he retains everything he has ever read, is amazing. Now if I could just get him to be interested in things beyond video games and comic books. :-) I tell myself that that is just what boys his age are in to. He continues to be very patient with younger children. He has always been extremely kind and tender towards girls and children. I wonder what God has in store for him with that gift.

Declan. He looks the same. I guess that is because he is still young. Although he has grown a little, he is still small for his age. Unfortunately, he is momma's boy. I love that he still cuddles, that he still comes in for a morning hug. I know in a few months, a year, he will outgrow that. I treasure every one. I try to hug Makenna and Trevor and they make faces, or say "Ok, that's awkward". Declan loves school. He excels at math, loves science and reading.

I didn't intend on this post to be about the kids, but I guess that's what it was suppose to be.

Anyhow... family shot.... I sent that in the title of an email to my mom... she panicked thinking we were "shot"... of course I asked her if she really thought I would email her if we were shot. Would I be emailing at all?! I guess my choice of words was not so good. Sorry mom.

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