Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hot Dogs

Last night we had some good friends over. Usually I make calzones, but because we had gone out for pizza with some out of town guests, I was not in the mood. I decided that we should have hot dogs, good 'ol Ball Park beef HOT DOGS.

Don't get me wrong, back in the US I liked hot dogs once in a while... but here it is a little piece of "heaven" (ok, so not so much) Hot dogs here are down right disgusting. Even if you try to find the "all beef", they have a horrible chemical after-taste.

Regina nicely brought us a whole slew of Ball Park franks. We have discovered that if you freeze the meat, cheese, sausage, etc. that it actually makes it here in checked luggage. THANK YOU REGINA.

So, back to hot dogs. We had friends over to help us partake in the fabulous feast of hot dogs, canned corn, freshly made hot dog buns and pretty good dill pickles. I know, that's just weird to say. Really? A FEAST of Hot dogs?! It's amazing what is exciting after living outside the US and in a third world country. AND, we still have two whole packs frozen in the freezer. TWO PACKS!! It's like I have gold in my freezer. Here... here it's like winning the lottery ticket. What will I do when they are gone?

When Regina brought them over and we told fellow ex-pat's... they were all coveting. I'm sure of it. Salivating and drool were the norm. So of course, each time we have decided to eat the HOT DOGS, we have invited over some of those salivating friends. What else can you do but help to share the joy. (Even if it is so we can partake in any goodies they might receive ;-) )

So thank you to Regina for the hot dogs, and thank you to those who can get as excited as us when partaking of HOT DOGS!!!!!

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