Sunday, March 27, 2011


Last night a storm blew through. I woke to the palm trees waving back and forth like crazy. No sooner had I tapped Jon to say, "There's a storm coming," when it felt like a hurricane was on us. The power went out. The rain blew in through all the windows.

I went to close our windows and was met with an icy blast of water to the face. Next I headed to the boys room. Rain was coming in from both sets of windows. Again, I was showered with the cold rain. At this point the thunder picked up and Declan shot out of bed and wanted to go to our room. Quickly I led him down the hallway as I still had Kenna's room and the downstairs windows. As I am tucking Declan in our bed with a small light, I hear a crash downstairs. I realize Jon is no longer in bed. I head to Kenna's room and walk through a puddle of water on the floor. Rain had poured into her front window and had soaked the floor. I race downstairs to see how Jon is fairing. The whole downstairs is howling. The wind was blowing through the windows at the back of the house so strongly that it had blown open the front doors. The whole living room was wet. The floor, the furniture, the electronics. Picture frames had blown over, the glass now broken. Jon was trying to tie the doors together to stop the wind from blowing through. We are both soaked.

I head to the kitchen. The countertops are all soaked, the floor a puddle of water. I tried to close one window, but when I opened the screen... well, I screamed. I got a face and front full of icy (at least to me) cold water. It shocked me. I closed the screen, without closing the window. I open the screen again, hoping it will be less of a shock. I am wrong, at least this time I manage to close the window.

The storm howled. We were soaked. Both boys are now in our bed. Then, the dogs start barking and barking. We try to aim a flashlight down in the direction of where the dogs are barking, but we see nothing. Eventually the security guard comes and sees that two Maribu storks have fallen from the trees into our property. They can't fly, so the dogs are trying to attack. The security guard manages to "shoo" one out the front gate. The other one, he eventually lifts up and throws it over the fence. This is no small feat. The storks, Ugly birds to us, are huge. One doesn't just go up to it and lift it up and throw it over a 10ft fence. (picture to the left is an Ugly bird defending itself from a baboon.. notice the size compared to the baboon.)

At least by now the storm is passing, the dogs are not barking, the boys have been moved back into their beds.... sleep at last? I have no idea what time the storm started, but by the time it died down, and the storks were taken care of, it was 6:30 a.m.

Needless to say, it was a long night with not much sleep. I still love storms in Uganda though.

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