Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sipi Falls- Part 1

Ok.. second attempt at posting this. Actually I think it is the fifth attempt, but the previous ones I couldn't even access the page. This time it decided to delete everything but the title. :-)

When Tina emailed me a few weeks back and asked if we could maybe get away somewhere, I have to say I was a bit excited. It has been quite awhile since I have gone and done some "girl-time". We decided on a trip to Sipi Falls which is about three hours from Jinja. By the time Friday morning rolled around I was ready for a break.

The drive there was beautiful. The first picture is of a papyrus field, which actually stretched on for miles on both sides of the road. I had to take pictures, as I think it is my new favorite tree. (it is a tree, right?)

The mountains and a view of one of the falls from a distance.

The rooms in the cottage we stayed in.

After arriving, eating lunch and changing out of our skirts, we decide to head out for our first adventure. Now, at lunchtime we saw three men walking down the hill we were about to climb. It didn't look so bad, after all they were carrying bamboo or some sort of tree on their heads. We had bamboo too.. although ours were to keep us from falling and to help leverage ourselves up the trail.

We discovered about half-way up the mountain that Tina has asthma (well, I discovered.) She hasn't had a flair up for years, so she didn't even think to bring her inhaler. Between the altitude and the steepness of the hill/mountain... she didn't stand a chance. But the trouper that she is, we just took a few breathing breaks and kept on heading up.

When we reached the top, took some pictures of the great expanse before us, and rested, we decided that we would head towards the next falls. Although storm clouds were looming over-head, our guide insisted that it wasn't going to rain until the evening time. We believed him, besides, we wanted an adventure, right?

Not more than five minutes after we start towards the falls, it starts to drizzle. Which turns into rain. Which turns into a downpour. Which turns into a monsoon. Ok, so it probably wasn't a monsoon, but standing underneath tree roots, next to a roaring falls in a torrential downpour, made it feel like it was.

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